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That sirloin tip sandwich today is the best sandwich I EVER had anywhere. Keep up the excellent work!

— Gus - Corvallis, OR


We have great lean cuts of buffalo. Sirloin steak, boneless sirloin roasts are a few from the list. We also carry ground buffalo and back ribs. Buffalo summer sausage and, of course, our famous buffalo Jerky and buffalo snack sticks are a huge hit at any time. Buffalo is called “The Original Health Food”. It is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. Buffalo is not subjected to chemicals, drugs and hormones. There are no mass production techniques used in raising or processing buffalo. They are handled as little as possible and spend most of their time grazing.

As of October 27th,2011, due to the rising interest, the now lack of availability and the rising cost of buffalo and elk, we will be carrying a limited supply. You are always welcome to put in orders for ground buffalo or elk and buffalo or elk patties for in-store pick up to help insure you get some when the shipments come in. The supply still may be low however we will do our best to ensure orders.

Our Buffalo

Sirloin Steak:

Sirloin Roast:$13.09/lb.
Stew Meat:$9.09/lb.
Back Ribs:$5.09lb.
Ground Buffalo – 95% lean:$8.59/lb.
Ground Buffalo Patties – 95% lean:$9.09/lb.


Buffalo Hot Dogs:7.99/lb.
Buffalo Bratwurst:$8.59/lb.

Snack Sticks

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Buffalo Kielbasa Stick:$6.75 7stick package.
Buffalo Teriyaki Stick:$6.75 7stick package.
Buffalo Summer Sausage:$8.59 1lb package.

Buffalo Jerky

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Black Pepper$14.25 per 1/2-lb.
Regular$8.25 per 1/4-lb.